Aqueon 16-Bow Front Deluxe Kit for Aquarium

bow front aquariumBow front aquariums are only one other way you can customize your fish-keeping experience with an elegant, contemporary twist on an old favorite. Buying your fish tank out of acrylic instead of glass may add stability, form flexibility and it’ll not scratch or shatter just as easily.

Generally when you purchase an aquarium, the stand and canopy will likely be bought at the same time. Aquarium stands are available in many different designs, but almost all have cabinet doors to permit access within the stand where filter systems and other devices are kept.

A bow front aquarium is an fish tank with a visibly convex front wall. The sides and back are standard. A bow aquarium offers a much deeper habitat and, quite a few believe, a far more fascinating view of the pets living inside.

Bow front fish tanks can be produced of glass or acrylic, but they are typically found in acrylic. Acrylic is an extremely clear material which can be fabricated into various shapes and has molecularly welded seams. This will make the acrylic tank one solid type of material, not able to leak.

Features of the Aqueon 16 Bow Front Aquarium

  • Easy-to-use starter kit that contains the necessary equipment for successful fish keeping.
  • Features complete Aquino Lighting and Filtration systems.

 Aqueon 16-Bow Front Deluxe Kit for Aquarium


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